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Total fixed capital formations

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Total fixed capital formations
Definition The expenditures included are mainly related to fixed capital formation. Additionally, maintenance, reconstruction and acquisition of equipment on such a scale that it is classified as investments are also included here.
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Owner 950 - Division for public finance
Comments Total fixed capital formations include item 30-49 in Central government fiscal account. Item 45 is used for acquisitions of large equipment and maintenance, item 49 for acquisition of real estate. Fixed capital formation is entered under 30-44, 47 and 48. Expenditures for various investments are entered under 30-44, and are used to large extent when appropriation is covering specific functions and when items 45 and 49 are not fitting, or when the appropriation should be referred to separately. In the reference the relevant tables are table 1 and 3.
Statistical unit General government
Subject 12 - Public finances
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