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Wages and salaries

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Wages and salaries
Definition Includes Central government fiscal account expenditure on wages and salaries. Wages for temporary and permanent employees, wages for substitutes and overtime, and also allowances and additional payments are included here. Pensions and benefits include employers' contributions to National Insurance scheme. Employer contribution is charged from all government units.
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Owner 950 - Division for public finance
Comments Wages and salaries include all sub items under item 01 in Central government fiscal account. Employers' social security contributions are paid only by a limited number of government entities. First of all this is the case for general government enterprises, but is also separately determined for other income-earning general government activity. Ordinary government units budget with net wages, which civil servants are paid. National Insurance Scheme receives a transfer from the Treasury which in principle should cover member contributions and employer contributions from the entities which do not pay this directly. In the reference the relevant tables are table 1 and 3.
Statistical unit General government
Subject 12 - Public finances
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