Concept variable

Pupil/student on reference day

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Pupil/student on reference day
Definition This variable identifies persons currently in education and comprises all pupils/students who have completed compulsory school.
Valid from 2001-01-01
Valid to 2001-12-31
Owner 320 - Division for population statistics
Comments Pupils This group comprises pupils attending folk high schools and in upper secondary education. Persons on employment training are also included. Upper secondary education comprises pupils participating in education of at least 300 teaching hours per year, irrespective of whether the education is officially approved or receiving public funds. Apprentices are in Census 2001 not included in the group pupils (in annual statistics they are included) Students This group comprises persons in higher education, i.e., students at colleges and universities approved by the Ministry of Education and Research. Complete data is available on pupils and students registered at educational institutions in Norway. Furthermore, there is information on students studying abroad and their country of study. In annual statistics, only pupils and students in Norway are included.
Statistical unit Person
Subject 02.01 - Population structure
Statistics Population and Housing Census
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