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Agricultural holding

  Norwegian (bokmål) Norwegian (nynorsk)
Name Agricultural holding
Definition A single unit both technically and economically, which has single management and which produces agricultural products. The holding is independent of municipality boundaries. The headquarter of the agricultural holding shall be located to an agricultural property.
Valid from 1999-07-31
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Owner 430 - Division for primary industry
Comments The statistics comprise agricultural holdings with crop farming and/or livestock farming. Enterprises solely offering support activities to agriculture or post-harvest crop activities are not included. Before 1999, a holding was limited to activity within a single municipality. E.g. renting of agricultural land in a neighbouring municipality resulted in an additional holding in this municipality. Before 1999, most of the agricultural statistics were limited to holdings with at least 0.5 ha utilised agricultural area. Almost all industrial activity in agriculture took place on these holdings. As from 1999, the statistics comprise all agricultural holdings irrespective of the size of utilised agricultural area.
Statistical unit Establishment
Subject 10.04.10 - Agriculture, hunting, wildlife conservation
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