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Type of farming of agricultural holdings

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Name Type of farming of agricultural holdings
Definition The type of farming is based on the relative contribution of different crop and livestock enterprises to the holding's total standard output
Valid from 2010-07-31
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Owner 430 - Division for primary industry
Comments The type of farming is hierarchic with three levels. Within each level the production is specialised if an enterprise contributes to more than 2/3 of the total standard output. Beyond that, the production is combined (mixed). In the period 1999 ¿ 2009, standard gross margin (SGM) was common measurement unit for the various crop and livestock enterprises within an agricultural holding. As from 2010, standard output is used as common measurement unit. At the same time, some other minor methodological changes were done. Due to this, the type of farming from 2010 and onwards is not fully comparable with the earlier type of farming.
Statistical unit Establishment
Subject 10.04.10 - Agriculture, hunting, wildlife conservation
Reference Documents 2015/32 Klassifisering av jordbruksbedrifter etter driftsform og størrelse
Statistics Structure of Agriculture
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