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Agricultural area

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Name Agricultural area
Definition Agricultural area is the sum of arable land, surface-cultivated meadows and infield pastureland.
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Owner 430 - Division for primary industry
Comments In the agricultural censuses from 1907 and onwards information related to areas have been collected for field crops, kitchen garden/horticultural crops and meadows. In the first censuses, a distinction was made between meadows on home fields and outlying meadows. This distinction was repealed as from the Agricultural Census1959. Uncultivated outlying pastures have at all time been excluded from the agricultural area. In the 1990-ties unfertilised fenced-in pastures became eligible for subsidies. This change resulted in the inclusion of some new areas into agricultural area. As from 1999, areas of lawn and ornamental garden on agricultural holdings are excluded from agricultural area.
Statistical unit Establishment
Subject 10.04.10 - Agriculture, hunting, wildlife conservation
Linked to Variable Definition Arable land
Surface-cultivated land
Infield pastureland
Classification Classification of agricultural area by use
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