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Storting election, persons entitled to vote


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Storting Election. Persons entitled to vote and changes from last Storting Election
20132017Changes from last Storting election
Persons entitles to vote at last Storting electionPersons entitles to vote at present Storting election
Entitled to vote, total3 643 6003 756 400112 800
Persons entitled to vote of immigrant population215 067259 90044 833
First-time voters 18-21 years248 529248 500-29
First-time voters, new citizens (immigrants)36 19338 2002 007
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About the statistics

Estimated figures by April for persons entitled to vote in the upcoming national election. Disaggregated by sex, age, country background and county. Time series from 2009.


Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Electoral roll: List of the number of persons entitled to vote. In the electoral proposal persons entitled to vote will be entered in the municipality in which they were registered as living on 31 March of the election year. People who move after 31 March may demand to be listed in the electoral role of their new municipality.

Persons entitled to vote: Election Act Section 3, cf. Constitution Articles 50 and 53 lay down the following conditions for the right to vote in a Storting election: a) Listed in the electoral roll in the municipality

b) Norwegian citizen, cf. Norwegian Nationality Act of 8 December 1950

c) Must turn 18 in the course of the election year

d) Norwegian citizens who have more than 10 years of registered continuous foreign residence behind them must apply to be listed in the electoral roll

e) The right to vote must not have been lost, cf. Constitution Article 53

Norwegian citizens with an immigrant background who are entitled to vote: This category includes both immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents. Immigrants are persons born in a foreign country by foreign-born parents who have moved to Norway. Norwegian-born to immigrant parents is persons born in Norway by foreign parents, and also with four grandparents born in a foreign country.

Standard classifications

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Administrative information

Name and topic

Name: Storting election, persons entitled to vote
Topic: Elections

Responsible division

Division for Population Statistics

Regional level

County level.

Selected municipalities

Frequency and timeliness

Every four years (election year).

International reporting

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Norwegian, English.


Background and purpose

The purpose is to provide a number of estimated figures on how many people will be entitled to vote in the coming Storting election. After the election the official election statistics will provide the final figures based on electoral roll information provided by the election boards.

Users and applications

Public administration, the press and research institutes for planning and review of the coming election.

Equal treatment of users

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Coherence with other statistics

If relevant, state which international standard the statistic is published in accordance with. Assess the connection between preliminary and final figures, short-term statistics and annual statistics in the same subject and the comparability with other statistics in the same area.

Legal authority

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All persons entitled to vote.

Data sources and sampling

The population statistics system's data material on residents and former residents of Norway and deaths and change of citizenship

Collection of data, editing and estimations

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Seasonal adjustment

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Comparability over time and space

Specify any break in the time series.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

The estimates are based on withdrawals from the population system in March/April of the election year. The number of how many will be granted the right to vote on the basis of a change in citizenship is based on data material from the previous year. The same applies to the number of deaths in the period until the election. The estimate for the number of persons entitled to vote thus depends on the deviations from last year's figures, the greater the deviation the larger the margin of error. This applies particularly to the number of naturalizations, as these figures vary considerably.


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