Municipal and county council election, candidates and representatives

Updated: 11 January 2024

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Female representatives
Female representatives
Members of the local councils, by sex
Members of the local councils, by sex
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  • Chairmen, by party/electoral list at the Municipal Council election
    Chairmen, by party/electoral list at the Municipal Council election
    Party/electoral listFiguresPer cent
    Both sex
    Labour Party20114811147.041.731.1
    Progress Party53141.20.83.9
    Conservative Party743410117.39.628.3
    Christian Democratic Party159123.52.53.4
    Centre Party981318922.936.924.9
    Socialist Left Party1650.21.71.4
    Liberal Party6211.40.60.3
    Green Party0100.00.30.0
    Common lists12532.81.40.8
    Local lists1617203.74.85.6
    Other lists0010.00.00.3
    Labour Party132906443.039.328.3
    Progress Party53111.61.34.9
    Conservative Party57267218.611.431.9
    Christian Democratic Party129103.93.94.4
    Centre Party76845324.836.723.5
    Socialist Left Party0330.01.31.3
    Liberal Party3101.00.40.0
    Green Party0100.00.40.0
    Common lists9202.90.90.0
    Local lists1311134.24.85.8
    Other lists0000.00.00.0
    Labour Party69584757.046.035.9
    Progress Party0030.00.02.3
    Conservative Party1782914.06.322.1
    Christian Democratic Party3022.50.01.5
    Centre Party22473618.237.327.5
    Socialist Left Party1320.82.41.5
    Liberal Party3112.50.80.8
    Green Party0000.00.00.0
    Common lists3332.52.42.3
    Local lists3672.54.85.3
    Other lists0010.00.00.8
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  • Member of the local councils, by party/electoral list, age and sex.
    Member of the local councils, by party/electoral list, age and sex.
    Party/electoral list/age201520192023
    Labour Party
    Total1 9421 5191 4001 1831 1771 078
    18-29 years17221213917290132
    30-39 years255279164197132165
    40-49 years483492330374235271
    50-59 years518352390305350323
    60 years or older514184377135370187
    Progress Party
    18-29 years573346255635
    30-39 years733965288046
    40-49 years176731275412063
    50-59 years184611525124692
    60 years or older159341292420465
    Conservative Party
    Total1 2517039495391 166685
    18-29 years918179749571
    30-39 years1351031127911294
    40-49 years352243254165228167
    50-59 years366170271156373233
    60 years or older30710623365358120
    Christian Democratic Party
    18-29 years16181510179
    30-39 years482633232718
    40-49 years1046665435144
    50-59 years1186791447543
    60 years or older1204064238428
    Centre Party
    Total1 0647101 358907864620
    18-29 years75931261307473
    30-39 years171178231216121141
    40-49 years290216333266183162
    50-59 years305155360216252160
    60 years or older223683087923484
    Socialist Left Party
    18-29 years141528312029
    30-39 years223637694876
    40-49 years374948764785
    50-59 years474638335448
    60 years or older682659406953
    Liberal Party
    18-29 years1819871611
    30-39 years684924253133
    40-49 years877349414736
    50-59 years873742194334
    60 years or older77314274611
    Green Party
    18-29 years..1531810
    30-39 years..44421818
    40-49 years..50442529
    50-59 years..29162414
    60 years or older..2118194
    Other lists
    18-29 years232526371921
    30-39 years535071698276
    40-49 years117931219115499
    50-59 years1266512376206109
    60 years or older191411935626779
    Explanation of symbols

About the statistics

The statistics show candidates, representatives, chairmen and members of executive comittees by gender, age, education and immigrant background. Figures by county and municipalities with time series from 1945.

The information under «About the statistics» was last updated 10 June 2021.

The party of the chairman/deputy chairman, county council chairman/deputy county council chairman: Elected persons are listed under the party/electoral list they stood for election for. If elected from a joint list, local list or other lists, they will be included in these lists, irrespective of party. The same applies to municipal council representatives and executive committee/county cabinet representatives. Re-elected representatives in the executive committee/county cabinet: Executive committee/county cabinet representatives are defined as re-elected if they were members of the sitting executive committee/county cabinet on the election day. Since 2003, information on re-elected representatives and number of periods for all municipal council representatives and county council representatives has been collected. This information is also combined with information on country background, education, occupational status and industry.

Name: Municipal and county council election, candidates and representatives
Topic: Elections

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Division for Population Statistics

For municipal council election: Municipal level and regional level.

For county council election: County level.

Ever four years (election year).

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The statistics files are stored in Statistics Norway. Microdata can be supplied for research purposes.

The purpose is to make official statistics on all parties candidates for municipal and county council prior to the election. After the constitution of the municipal councils and the county councils, official statistics is produced from the municipal council and county council election and the executive committee of local council and chairmen election. Since 2003, Statistics Norway has collected the national identity number of all representatives so that they can be combined with various variables such as income, country background, education and occupational status.

Ministries, Municipalities and county municipalities, journalists and students ,political parties, election researchers

No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on at 08 am. Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given inthe Statistics Release Calendar. This is one of Statistics Norway’s key principles for ensuring that all users are treated equally.

Aggregated elections results are published on election night on Municipalities publishes information for their own municipality on their homepage. The official statistics for Municipal and county elections published by SSB are included in a statistical system along with statistics for parliamentary elections, Sami Parliamentary elections and local referendums. This is a part of Stat Norway's system of Social Statistics inncluding population statistics and social welfare statistics with common terms and definitions.

Act on Official Statistics and Statistics Norway §§ 10 and 20.

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The population consists of elected representatives in municipal councils and county councils.

SSB receive administrative data on the candidates from The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation before the election. SSB performs a separate collection of representatives via internet based form from all municipalities and counties after the election. The data source consists of electronic questionnaires on the Internet. These are completed by the counties and municipalities, and submitted to Statistics Norway.

Full count of all candidates and elected representatives.

The municipalities and county municipalities receive one form each.

Manual and computerised controls are carried out, mainly to check that the total figures are correct and logical checks. The results are compared with the results of the previous election. Micro editing is performed if differences are discovered.

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Suppression if direct identification is possible with regard to sensitive information.

Information on chairmen's parties is available back to 1934. Information on executive committees is available from the 1979 election, but only at county level for the earliest elections. Information on chairmen and deputy chairmen of the county councils is available back to 1979. Since 2003, information on all municipal council and county council representatives has been collected.

It is essential for the quality of the statistics that the information from the counties and municipalities is correct. If the elected representatives are listed as belonging to parties that stood for election, it is difficult to check if the distribution between the parties is correct. Furthermore, the representatives' parties are coded before registration and there is always a risk of errors despite comprehensive controls.

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