General elections


Election campaign contribution
Contributions that have been received by the political parties during election years
Electoral turnout
The statistics show voter turnout and votes cast for different parties.
Persons entitled to vote
Estimated figures by April for persons entitled to vote in elections.
Storting election
Official statistics covering the Storting elections
Storting election, candidates
Official statistics covering all the parties candidates in the Parliamentary election
Storting election, election survey
Figures for turnout by gender, age and education

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. Immigrants and the general election 2021

    Nine per cent of eligible voters in 2021 had an immigrant background. Seven per cent where immigrant who had naturalized in Norway and two per cent where Norwegian-born to immigrants’ parents.

  2. The effect of nonresponse and measurement errors on turnout estimates

    Estimates on electoral turnout from election surveys often shows a considerably higher share of voters compared to the official turnout.

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