Land transport


Business statistics
Provides information on the activity in the Norwegian business sector
Carriage of goods by lorry
The figures on the carriage of goods by Norwegian-registered lorries cover vehicles with a carrying capacity of 3.5 tonnes and over.
Construction cost index for road construction
Measures the quarterly costs of road construction and maintenance of roads
Cost index for passenger transport by bus
Cost index for passenger transport by bus describes the price trends for bus operating.
Cost index for road goods transport
The index describes the operating costs for lorries and vans.
Domestic transport
Describes the development in domestic transport of passengers and goods.
Public transport
Public transport includes all scheduled passenger transport by bus, on rails and by passenger boat
Rail transport
Rail goods and passenger transport in Norway, including transport by foreign companies
Registered vehicles
Shows the structure and development of the vehicle fleet
Road traffic accidents involving personal injury
The statistics cover accidents reported to the police and are limited to accidents that...
Road traffic volumes
The statistics describe the total and average distances covered by Norwegian passenger cars.
Taxi transport
The statistics show annual figures for the taxi industry
Transport and communication in municipalities and county authorities
Statistics about local and county authorities related to the operation and maintenance of municipal and county roads
Transport by vans and small lorries
Describes the driving patterns and freight of vans and small lorries.
Commodity Flow Survey
The statistics has been discontinued
Norwegian National Rail Administration - StatRes
The statistics has been discontinued
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration - StatRes
The statistics has been discontinued

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  1. The wealthiest bought every fifth electric car

    The tenth of households with the highest income bought 21 per cent of new electric cars in 2020. In the same year, households under average income bought 23 per cent of new electric cars, and electric cars are now more popular than fossil-fuel cars also in low-income households.

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