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07326: Aquaculture. Sales of slaughtered fish for food, by fish species (C) (closed series) 1976 - 2019

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Fish for food (tonnes):
Fish for food (NOK 1 000):
1000 NOK
Fish for food (tonnes):
Fish for food (NOK 1 000):
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Before 2002 only figures for salmon and trout are published. If a county is listed with 0 it could either mean that the value is 0, or less than 0.5 of unit employed.
Since some figures cannot be published, the sum of all counties and the figure given for the whole country can differ in some years.
Source: The Directorate of Fisheries


See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).

Tables that use the new regional division also for the years before 2024.


18 Nordland - Nordlánnda

1976-1983: then annual figures for Nordland is the sum of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.


Fish for food (tonnes)

Included are quantities of fish further processed in own plants.
29.04.2016: For the period 2000-2011, the figures for salmon and rainbow trout adjusted with new conversion factor.

Fish for food (NOK 1 000)

Included are values of fish further processed in own plants.