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Article / 19 November 2021

Sustained growth in the Norwegian economy

GDP for mainland Norway increased by 2.6 percent from the second to the third quarter of 2021, seasonally adjusted figures show. The recovery of the Norwegian economy continued, employment rose, and increased prices on Norwegian exports gave a huge rise in the trade surplus.

Article / 8 October 2021

Fishery contributed to economic growth in August

GDP for mainland Norway increased by 1.1 per cent in August, seasonally adjusted figures show. This is largely due to unusually high catching volumes of mackerel by the Norwegian fleet in August. Excluding the contribution provided by fishing, the economic activity on the mainland had a modest growth.

Article / 9 September 2021

Sustained recovery in the Norwegian economy in July

Seasonally adjusted figures from the national accounts show a 0.4 per cent growth in the mainland economy in July. Several of the industries that have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 restrictions recovered further. However, in July the activity levels in these industries were still below those in February 2020.

Article / 31 August 2021

The resource rent in Norwegian aquaculture 1984-2020

Extraordinarily high returns in a sector based on the extraction of a natural resource can be referred to as resource rents.

Article / 20 August 2021

Reopening boosted the mainland economy in the second quarter

Gross domestic product (GDP) for mainland Norway (excluding oil and foreign shipping) increased by 1.4 percent from the first to the second quarter, seasonally adjusted figures from the national accounts show. In June, GDP for mainland Norway was back at the same level as before the pandemic in March last year.