National accounts (archive)

Statistical releases older than 16 May 2017

Published Title Open
9 June 2021 Low activity in the Mainland Economy continues in April Article
12 May 2021 Fall in mainland-GDP in the 1. quarter Article
12 April 2021 Further decline in Mainland GDP Article
9 March 2021 Service industries dampened the GDP growth Article
12 February 2021 GDP for Mainland Norway decreased 2.5 per cent in 2020 Article
12 January 2021 Moderate downturn in the Mainland Economy in November Article
9 December 2020 Steady recovery in the Mainland economy continues in October Article
17 November 2020 Final National Accounts for Norway 2018 for production and value added Article
17 November 2020 Declining growth rate for mainland GDP through Q3 Article
11 November 2020 National accounts for Q3 2020 will be moved to Tuesday 17 November Article
8 October 2020 Declining growth rate for mainland GDP in august Article
8 September 2020 Slight rise in mainland GDP in July Article
25 August 2020 The decline in the Norwegian economy in the second quarter was the deepest ever recorded Article
8 July 2020 Increase in Mainland GDP in May Article
5 June 2020 Mainland Norway's GDP fell 4.7 percent in April Article
12 May 2020 Mainland GDP fell slightly more in March than first projected Article
24 April 2020 Preliminary figures show a 6.4 per cent decline in Mainland GDP for March Article
7 April 2020 Slow growth in the mainland economy continues Article
6 March 2020 Slow growth in the mainland economy Article
7 February 2020 Weaker mainland-GDP growth in the final months of 2019 Article