Population count


Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents
Statistics on immigrants and their children
National population projections
Calculations of how the population in Norway will potentially develop over time
Persons with refugee background
The statistics show the number of resident immigrants with refugee background
Subtopic Population, within the topic Immigration and immigrants.
Population and land area in urban settlements
Gives the number of inhabitants in urban settlements.
Population of Svalbard
The statistics give a view of the population of the settlements of Svalbard.
Regional population projections
Projects changes to the regional populations
Overview of official statistics relevant to Sami social relations

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. This is Norway 2021

    This is Norway presents statistics from a variety of areas and seeks to give an overview of Norwegian society and its developments in recent years.

  2. Surprising increase in birth numbers

    It is typical to observe a decline in birth rates during health crises and periods of economic insecurity. Yet, nine months after the arrival of Covid-19 in Norway, the number of births has moved in the opposite direction.

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Analyses, articles and publications for subtopic population and housing censuses.