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Students living conditions, 2021

The purpose of this report is to provide an updated overview of students' living conditions as of 2021. The student body is constantly changing, and there is a need for updated knowledge about the living conditions of all types of students.

How does student life in Norway compare to other European countries?

Fewer students experience study-related difficulties in their study programs in Norway – compared with students in many other European countries. Norway is among the countries with the highest proportion of students with children, and job income accounts for a higher share of students' income compared to other countries in Europe.

Settlement after completed education

The main aim of this project has been to map the welfare graduates' place of study and settlement after graduation in relation to the place of upbringing.

Dropout and transfers in higher education

This report examines different forms of student departure from higher education based on Norwegian administrative data.

School value-added and long-term student outcomes

Several recent studies find that interventions in schools can have important lasting consequences for students, and that schools differ in their contribution to students' learning.

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