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Education accounts

Updated: 24 November 2021

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Education expenditure per capita
Education expenditure per capita
41 395
Education expenditure
Education expenditure1
201720182019Change last year
Key variables
Current education expenditure. NOK million204 696213 183222 6859 502
Capital formation in education. NOK million44 10245 57046 7961 226
Current education expenditure per capita. NOK38 53539 86341 3951 507
Current education expenditure. Per cent of GDP5.
Current education expenditure. Per cent of GDP Mainland Norway7.
Share of totale expenditure (percentage)
Primary education39.539.739.90.1
Secondary education17.917.617.3-0.3
Higher education23.123.624.10.5
Adult education4.14.13.9-0.1
Other education4.
In-house training10.410.09.9-0.1
Associated goods and services0.
1Current education expenditure does not include capital formation.
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About the statistics

Education accounts describe Norway’s total current expenditures on education and job training, as well as capital investments in Education. Spending by both public and private sources are included. The expenditures are grouped by type of service, the provider industry and by sources of funding.

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