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12399: Operating expenditure per user in upper secondary education, by function and type (C) 2015 - 2023

Daniel Instebø, Statistics Norway
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2024-06-17 08:00
Expenses (NOK 1000):
NOK 1000
Users, weighted (number):
Expenses per user (NOK):
Expenses (NOK 1000):
Users, weighted (number):
Expenses per user (NOK):
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Operating expenditure per user, by type of expenditure and function.


See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).

Tables that use the new regional division also for the years before 2024.


Expenses (NOK 1000)

'Financial strain' is changed to 'Net operating expenditure exclusive expenditures and revenues regarding to students from other county authorities'.

Users, weighted (number)

Fall 2016 media and communication went from being a vocational education programme to a programme in general studies. For the year 2016 media and communication is set as a vocational education programme, since 2/3 pupils was in vocational education. From 2017 media and communication is set as a programme in general studies. For the functions 561, 562 and 590 the number of users is the same as the number of users for function FGF7d. From the autumn of 2020, a new structure of courses and apprenticeships in vocational education programs was implemented. Design, arts and crafts and Service and transport was split up, and replaced by four new education programes. Those who startet autumn 2019 or earlier, complete their education according to the old structure. Autumn 2020 Electricity and electronics was renamed to Electrical engineering and computer technology, and Technical and industrial production was renamed to Technological and industrial production.

Expenses per user (NOK)

Expenses per user for the functions 561, 562 and 590 is ecpenses divided with the number of users under the function FGF7d.