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12005: General Practioners lists and General Practioners consultations (M) 2015 - 2020

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General Practioners lists and General Practioners consultations In the 2019 material from KUHR (GP consultations), in the order of 2-3 per cent of the bills for consultations, a municipality number was valid from 1.1.2020. For 204 municipalities that have not entered into a merger, the municipality number has been changed. For 41 municipalities merged from 107 municipalities from 2019, consultations with a new municipality number have been assigned to the largest of the merged municipalities. Statistics Norway has recently revised its KOSTRA classification of municipalities. As before, the dimensions along which municipalities are classified are population size, economic workload, and economic capacity. Nevertheless, an update has been carried out as a result of the municipality reform, effective since 2020. The revision updates the composition and numbering of KOSTRA groups. The revision is discussed (Norwegian) in See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).