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Care services
The statistics provide a summary of care services.
Dental health care
The statistics show the scope of patient treatment in the public dental health service
GPs and emergency primary health care
The statistics show the population's use of GP and emergency primary health care.
Health accounts
Health accounts describe Norway’s total current expenditures in health
Health care personnel
The statistics show the number of people with a health care education.
Municipal health care service
The municipal health care service statistics include information about general practitioners, physiotherapists, public health centres, school health services, healthy life centres, other preventive health care and expenditures.
Municipal housing
The statistics cover dwellings with municipal right of disposal...
Patient statistics
Statistics on the population's use of general hospitals; diagnoses, treatment level...
Specialist health service
Includes both public and private hospitals, as well as other specialist health care
Specialist health service - StatRes
The statistics has been discontinued

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. Expenditure on orthodontic treatment for children and young adults 2011-2022

    Since orthodontic treatment (dental braces) is not part of the services offered by the public dental healthcare system for children and young people, those who require such treatment are referred to specialized dentists.

  2. A socioeconomic analysis of adult recipients of national insurance reimbursements

    The adult population in Norway must basically pay for dental treatment themselves. Nevertheless, from 2007 it has been possible through National Insurance to get full or partial financial reimbursement for treatment for people with particularly special needs, as a group of specific diseases or conditions (activation tresholds) give the right to full or partial reimbursement of the expenses.

  3. Emergency primary health care in Norwegian municipalities 2021

    The municipalities must, according to the Act on Municipal Health Services (Health Care Act), offer emergency primary health care as part of its responsibility for these services. Municipalities are, in principle, free to choose how they organize their emergency primary health care, in order to fulfill their responsibility.

  4. Target groups and organisation of the home care service

    The purpose of this report is to illustrate how the Norwegian home care service is organized. The report shows how the municipal home care service enterprises, i.e. the organizations that perform home care services, are organized in terms of the services they perform and the target groups they perform services for.

  5. Labour market for educational groups in health and care towards 2040

    Statistics Norway has prepared updated and improved projections for demand and supply of different educational groups directed towards health and care. Demand for important groups of personnel working in hospitals and local government health and care services is highly dependent on ageing of the Norwegian population.

  6. Resources for research in specialist health care services in 2021

    Since 2005, the use of resources for research in the specialist health care services in Norway, i.e. public and private, non-profit hospitals (health trusts), has been surveyed annually (until 2017) and then biannually.

  7. Women's lives and health in Norway in a 20-year perspective

    This report examines women's health in a life course perspective. Unlike a disease-oriented approach, which primarily looks at a single condition at a given time in life, a life course perspective will address changes in health and the need for health and care services girls and women experience throughout their lives.

  8. Municipal healthcare services

    The Norwegian population is aging. According to Statistics Norway, the number of people aged 70 years and older is expected to almost double from 2022 to 2060 (Thomas and Tømmerås, 2022). In the same period, the number of people aged 80+ and 90+ is expected to almost triple and quadruple, respectively.

  9. Staffed housing accommodation in the home care services. Target groups and volume.

    The main purpose of the report is to examine the availability of staffed housing accommodation in the home care service. This is defined as the part of the municipal housing offer that receives home care services from fixed bases in the immediate area.

  10. Time to spare and too much care

    Identifying the causal effect of resource use on health outcomes is generally complicated by endogenous supply and demand adjustments.

  11. Inequality in health service utilization – 2

    All citizens living in Norway are entitled to public health services. Public health services are financed by the state, and users pay user-charges until a level that is defined every year. In 2021 this level was 2 460 NOK.

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