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11994: Man-years health centres by education, by education (M) 2015 - 2020


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Man-years health centres by education Data source: Registerbased employment statistics and KOSTRA-form 1 Statistics Norway has adopted a new method that provides better information on settled percentage of full-time equivalent (FTE) in the period 2014-2019. Read more about the new method here: The register based personnel statistics have been updated with new and better methods 2015-2019. Changes compared to previous figures are small. The man-years figures at the municipal level do not take into account any purchases and sales over municipal borders. Also, It doesn’t take into account inter-municipal cooperation. If several municipalities have inter-municipal cooperation on different personnel, the man-years will only be registered on the host municipality. Statistics Norway has recently revised its KOSTRA classification of municipalities. As before, the dimensions along which municipalities are classified are population size, economic workload, and economic capacity. Nevertheless, an update has been carried out as a result of the municipality reform, effective since 2020. The revision updates the composition and numbering of KOSTRA groups. The revision is discussed (Norwegian) in


See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).