Commercial roundwood removals

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03895: Commercial removals of industrial roundwood, by assortment (m³) (M) 1996 - 2019
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Quantity roundwood removed for commercial purposes:
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Quantity roundwood removed for commercial purposes:
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From 2006 woodfuel are not included. Final figures for 2019 will be updated 20.05.2020.
  • Special timber includes poles, veneer logs, saw logs of veneer quality, and other timber of special high quality.
  • First class saw logs refer to saw logs classified as first class according to measurement regulations. From 2012 first class saw logs is an outgoing assortment.
  • Second class saw logs refer to saw logs classified as second class according to measurement regulations. From 2012 second class saw logs is a outgoing assortment.
  • Other saw logs comprise ordinary top-scaled and mid-scaled saw logs and other logs suitable for sawing, not measured in quality classes.From 2014, Other saw logs comprises all quantities of industrial saw logs.
  • Unsorted saw logs and pulpwood comprise timber measured in tree length, wood sold as stumpage and other unsorted roundwood containing bothsaw logs and pulpwood. First and second class of saw logs is outgoing. From 2012 the most of saw logs are included in Unsorted saw logs.
  • Pulpwood comprises roundwood generally used in the pulp industries and the fibreboard and particle board industries. Top-scaled timber(timber suitable for sawing) used in these industries is not included.
  • Other roundwood comprises roundwood used for manufacture of cases and casks, pitprops and mining timber, pilings, fence wood, posts etc.
  • Wood fuel refers to roundwood sold for fuel.
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