Over the last days several people have notified us about emails from somebody posing as Statistics Norway. Usually the emails include the recipient winning a mobile phone. These emails are not sent from Statistics Norway and should be deleted.



In order to be able to produce the highest quality statistics, Statistics Norway has access to public administrative registers. Privacy protection and data security are therefore a key focus in Statistics Norway, ensuring that personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.

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Not possible to opt out from Statistics Norway

It is not possible to opt-out of receiving requests to participate in Statistics Norway’s statistical surveys. The right to opt-out only applies to direct advertising.

Privacy protection and data security

Statistics Norway is subject to the provisions of the Personal Data Act with regard to responsible processing of personal data.

Your rights under the Personal Data Act

We describe here your rights under the Personal Data Act (Norway) and what these entail for you in connection with Statistics Norway.

Statistics Norway’s data protection officer

The most important role of Statistics Norway’s data protection officer is to act as a resource for both Statistics Norway as data controller and you as a registered party.

Analytical tool for web statistics

The ssb.no website uses the analytical tool Google Analytics to monitor how readers use the website.

Overview of Statistics Norway’s reports on processing personal data

The data protection officer is responsible for maintaining a publicly accessible overview of reports on the processing of personal data.