Central government revenue and expenditure

Updated: 19 August 2022

Next update: 11 November 2022

Result before net transfers from the Government Pension Fund Global
Result before net transfers from the Government Pension Fund Global
2nd quarter 2022
202 811
NOK million
Central government fiscal account. Quarterly figures. NOK million.
Central government fiscal account. Quarterly figures. NOK million.
2nd quarter 20212nd quarter 2022Change in per cent
A. TOTAL REVENUE324 179633 69095.5
Operating surplus extraction of petroleum27 644122 464343.0
Tax revenue203 862384 91688.8
Members' and employers' contribution to the National Insurance Scheme66 48777 49416.6
Interest and dividends12 65932 212154.5
Other revenue13 52716 60422.7
B. TOTAL EXPENDITURE392 343430 8799.8
Operating costs47 01653 38013.5
Total fixed capital formation16 72618 50010.6
Total transfers328 601358 9999.3
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About the statistics

The central government’s fiscal account shows its total revenue and expenditure. The revenues include tax revenues, contributions to the National Insurance Scheme and petroleum-related revenues. The expenditure consists mainly of transfers, fixed capital formation and operating costs.

Total revenue: Total gross revenue before transfers to the Government Pension Fund - Global.

Total expenditure: Total gross expenditure before transfers to the Government Pension Fund - Global.

Surplus before net transfers to the Government Pension Fund - Global: Total revenue minus total expenditure.

Surplus before financial transactions: Surplus after net transfers to the Government Pension Fund - Global.

Gross financing including debt instalments: Deficit before financial transactions plus lending minus repayments and debt instalments.

Financing: How the deficit (or surplus) before net transfers to the Government Pension Fund - Global is financed, distributed by main groups of financial instruments.

Type: Revenue and expenditure are classified in main groups by type, mainly based on whether the transaction is related to operation or investments, whether services are offered in return or not, and what kind of economic function the individual transaction has. Originally the distribution by type was based on the National Accounts' distinctions, but over time this has changed somewhat.

Programme category: Expenditure is classified by main purpose of the individual expenditure item.

Financial instrument: Rough classification of financing by financial instrument, with a distinction between deposits, loans, short-term securities, medium and long-term securities, and equity (shares, capital deposits etc.).

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Name: Central government revenue and expenditure

Topic: Public sector

11 November 2022

Division for Public Finance

National level only.

Figures are published 35-45 days after the end of each quarter. Annual figures are published with the figures for the fourth quarter.

Monthly figures for revenue and expeniture are only published in StatBank. They are updated on the last workday of the following month and this update is not included in the overview of planned releases and events.

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The micro data are stored in the SAS database.

The purpose is to give the public access to quarterly figures for the central government's fiscal account, including the National Insurance Scheme. Quarterly figures are available from the first quarter 1985.

The statistics are processed for use in the National Accounts. Other important users are the Ministry of Finance, the IMF and mass media.

No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on ssb.no at 8 am. Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given in the Statistics Release Calendar. This is one of Statistics Norway’s key principles for ensuring that all users are treated equally.

The statistics are not based on international standards. The figures for the central government's fiscal accounts are in principle final at the time of publishing. Annual figures from the statistics are included in processed form in the statistics General government revenue and expenditure and the annual and quarterly statistics are included in the National Accounts.

The Statistics Act, § 10

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The population comprises all administrative bodies that report to the central government's fiscal account. Non-corporate state enterprises and state lending institutions are partially included (most of them on a net basis), but not public corporations.

The central government's fiscal account is an administrative register collected from the Ministry of Finance.

This mostly consists of checking that the accounts balance (i.e. that expenditures equal the sum of revenues and net financial transactions).

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One tries to avoid great breaks in the series by presenting only main groups of revenues and expenditures in the tables. Breaks may still occur, since the central government fiscal account's chart of accounts constantly is being adjusted by resolutions in the National Assembly.

Errors may occur while aggregating main item, programme area and financial instrument.

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