New evaluation of some nominée accounts has changed the sector in the financial accounts of some investment funds shares from other financial companies to the households’ sector. The households’ owned stocks of fund shares are increased from the 2. quarter of 2013 to 1. quarter of 2021. For the 1. quarter of 2021 the increase in stocks is NOK 39 billion and by end of 2020 it is NOK 36 billion. Transactions are increased by NOK 1.4 billion in 1. quarter of 2021 and NOK 2.9 billion in 2020. The stocks and transactions for other financial companies are equivalent decreased.

In our estimates of insurance and pension entitlements, the 2020 annual accounts from insurance companies and pension funds are included. This new data input has changed the households’ stocks and transactions in 2020. Transactions in life insurance companies and pension funds are decreased by NOK 8 billion, and transactions in non-life insurance companies are increased by NOK 0.5 billion. The largest change is for entitlements in collective pension schemes by NOK -12,5 billion. The estimates of the insurance and pension entitlements in 2020 are more uncertain than ordinary because of a number of unusual events in the year 2020.