Dwelling and housing conditions


Building stock
The statistics provide an overview of the number of buildings in Norway.
Construction cost index for residential buildings
Monthly cost development of residential building construction works.
Number of dwellings, type of building, utility floor Space and built year.
Fire and accident protection
The statistics show figures for fires in buildings and houses, and expenditure and man-years.
Housing conditions, register-based
Housing conditions for persons and households in Norway
Housing conditions, survey on living conditions
Covers housing conditions such as ownership, residential environment and type of residence.
Municipal housing charges
Statistics on four municipal residential charges; water, waste water, waste collection and chimney sweeping.
Municipal housing
The statistics cover dwellings with municipal right of disposal...
Price index for existing dwellings
The statistics measure the value of the stock of existing dwellings.
Price index for new dwellings
The index measure the price development of new dwellings.
Rental market survey
The rental market survey measures rent levels in Norway.

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. Housing conditions in Norway 1980-2022

    This report describes historical trends in housing conditions in Norway. The analyses are based on data from Statistics Norway’s surveys on living conditions (EU-SILC) from 1980 until 2022.

Older analyses, articles and publications for subtopic dwelling and housing conditions.