There were 1.7 million Norwegian Notice the difference between 'guest nights' and 'guest'. One guest may have several guest nights. at hotels in September this year, representing a decrease of 0.4 per cent from September 2022. Foreign guest nights, however, increased by 21 per cent to 552 000 according to new figures from the accommodation statistics.

–  This is the highest number of hotel guest nights registered for the month of September, says advisor Boyd Oyier in Statistics Norway.

–  September is a month characterized by many courses and conferences. Hotel guest nights with the purpose of course and conferences experienced a small decrease from September last year. However, the number remains higher than before the pandemic, adds Oyier.

When also considering guest nights at camping-sites, holiday dwellings and youth hostels, there was a total of 3.1 million guest nights at commercial accommodation establishment in September this year. Since February this year, there has been fewer guest nights at camping sites than in corresponding months in 2022. For holiday dwellings, this September was the first month since February with an increase in guest nights compared to the same months last year.

Seasonally adjusted figures show an increase of 1.9 per cent in the total amount of guest nights in September for hotels, camping sites, holiday dwellings and youth hostels compared to August. Seasonal adjusted guest nights for both Norwegians and foreigners increased compared to the previous month and are at the same level as before the pandemic.

Figure 1. Norwegian and foreign guest nights at hotels. September 2019-2023

Good month for hotels

The sales figure for accommodation activity, not including breakfast or any extra services, even though they might be included in the price of the stay. Sales are published without any VAT. at Norwegian hotels was almost 2.2 billion NOK for September this year. This was a 8.3 per cent increase compared to September 2022, while the number of hotel guest nights increased by 4.0 per cent.

The average price for a hotel room was NOK 1 321, an increase of 6.9 per cent from September last year. Compared to last September, the price of hotels increased the most in the counties of Rogaland and Møre og Romsdal.

The greatest increase in the number of hotel guest nights was observed in Oslo, Vestland and Nordland, compared to September 2022. Troms and Finnmark experienced the greatest decrease, while other counties experienced less variation. Svalbard also observed a decrease for this period.

In all counties, the number of foreign guest nights increased, while Norwegian guest nights decreased in most of the counties. The increase of foreign guest nights was greatest in Vestland and Oslo. Additionally, Norwegian guest nights increased in Oslo, Nordland and Trøndelag.

Figure 2. Percentage change in guest nights at hotels by county. September 2022-2023
Source: Accommodation, Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

Fewer camping guest nights

  • 483 000 camping guest nights for September 2023
  • 6.2 per cent decrease compared to September 2022
  • Norwegian guest nights decreased by 8.1 per cent
  • Foreign guest nights decreased by 1.8 per cent

Guest nights at holiday dwellings and youth hostels

  • 346 000 guest nights at holiday dwellings and youth hostels
  • Norwegian guest nights decreased by 4.2 per cent
  • Foreign guest nights increased by 16 per cent

In accordance with definitions from Eurostat, refugees should be excluded from tourism statistics and not be considered as guests in the context of tourism statistics when they stay at a tourist accommodation establishment. Refugees from Ukraine cannot be assigned by purpose as holiday, occupation or course, conference. It was not possible to extract all refugees guest nights and some stays are included in the statistics. For accommodation establishments that have more than 25 guest nights from Ukraine during the month, the guest nights have been removed from the statistic. Establishments that are exclusively hosting refugees are not included in the statistics.