Figures from the accommodation statistics show that there were approximately 2 million Notice the difference between “guest nights” and “guest”. One guest may have several guest nights. at Norwegian The numbers refer to hotels, short-term holiday dwellings, camping sites, and youth hostels. in November 2021. This was 1.1 million more guest nights than in November 2020. Both Norwegian and foreign guest nights were more than doubled compared to the previous year.

The number of Norwegian guest nights was higher than in November before the pandemic, while foreign guest nights remained lower than usual.

Figure 1. Guest nights by type. Change in per cent compared to the same month the year before

Record Norwegian guest nights at hotels

There were 1.5 million Norwegian guest nights at hotels in November 2021, the highest number recorded for the month of November and more than twice as many as in the same month the previous year. This record contributed to the strong increase in total guest nights for November 2021 compared to November 2020.

The number of foreign guest nights at hotels in November 2021 was slightly under two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels. Sweden, Germany, the United States and United Kingdom accounted for most foreign guest nights. These countries also accounted for a large share of foreign guest nights in the years before the pandemic. The largest declines of foreign guest nights compared to 2019 were from USA, the UK and China. German guest nights were at the same level as in 2019.

Figure 2. Overnight stays at hotels for November 2015-2021

The Government lifted travel restrictions for the EEA/Schengen countries on 25th September 2021. Restrictions were also lifted for other countries with lighter restrictions. For more information, see the government's webpage.

In accordance with Eurostat, quarantine hotels are not included in the accommodation statistics even when there is economic activity at the hotel. Quarantine guest nights cannot be assigned by purpose as holiday, occupation or course, conference. It was not possible to extract all quarantine guest nights and some stays at quarantine hotels are included in the statistics for November. Hotels that are exclusively quarantine hotels are not included in the statistics.