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10258: Purchasing power parities, price level indices and real expenditures, by expenditure group and country (EU28) (closed series) 1995 - 2018
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Purchasing power parities (EU28=1):
units of national currency per purchasing power standard
Price level indices (EU28=100):
Real expenditure (in Purchasing Power Standard):
purchasing power standard (million)
Real expenditure per capita (in Purcharsing Power Standard):
purchasing power standard
Volume indices of real expenditure per capita (EU28=100):
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Source: Eurostat
Purchasing power parities (EU28=1)
Purchasing power parities are price level indicators which indicate the number of country A's currency units needed in country A in order to maintain the purchasing power of one currency unit of country B's currency in country B. For example, Norway's purchasing power parity indicates how many Norwegian kroner we need in Norway in order to maintain the purchasing power of one euro in the EU28.
Price level indices (EU28=100)
A price level index indicates the price level in a given country relative to another. The price level index is defined as the purchasing power parity divided by the exchange rate.
Real expenditure (in Purchasing Power Standard)
Real expenditure is the expenditure in national currency restated at a common price level for all countries. Real expenditure is defined as expenditure in national currency divided by the purchasing power parity.
Volume indices of real expenditure per capita (EU28=100)
Volume indices of real expenditure per capita are defined as real expenditure per capita expressed as indices with EU28=100.

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