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09544: Specialist health service. Medical specialists employee in health enterprises and private institutions, by speciality and health enterprise 2011 - 2021

Geir Hjemås, Statistics Norway
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Borgny Vold, Statistics Norway
+47 48 07 81 08
Emshaw Degife Gurmu, Statistics Norway
+47 409 02 327
2022-03-31 08:00
Persons by main speciality:
Persons by main speciality:
Statistics Norway
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Figures for activity (out-patient consultations, bed-days, discharges and day cases) for mental health care are from 2011 extracted from the Norwegian Patient Register. This leads to breaks in time series and the numbers will not be directly comparable with previous years. The table shows only physician specialists who are employed in the specialist health services. Specialists who deal with specialist health services, but are employed outside of specialist health services are not included. For a full list of all doctors with specialist training in Norway, see Table: 07935: Physician, Dentist and Optometry Specialists, by sex, age and speciality The register based personnel statistics, which is the main source for these figures, have been updated with a new and better method for calculating the number of self-employed persons. New figures have been published in the StatBank for the period 2015-2019. The main difference is that the Labor force survey (LFS) no longer determines the total level of the number of self-employed persons. This gives a few more self-employed and thus a small increase in the number of employees in total. The method that provides us with better Information on the agreed-full time equivalent percentage (FTE), Ny metode gir bedre informasjon om arbeidstid, has gone through a couple of small changes before the publication in 2021, and all figures from 2015-2019 has been updated. The changes from the publication in 2020 due to these changes in the FTE are small.