Income and wealth statistics for households

07778: Registered incomes for resident persons (mill. NOK) 2006 - 2018
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NOK million for resident persons:
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Registered resident persons:
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NOK million for resident persons:
Registered resident persons:
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For recipients of new transitional benefits for single mothers/fathers from April 2014, the benefits will be taxed as wage. From the income year 2015, the benefits are included in Social security benefits.
Contractual pension in public sector (AFP) includes recipients of the former private contractual pension scheme (AFP).
Sickness benfits includes sickness benefits from the National Insurance Scheme and holiday payments from sickness benefits.
Other taxable transfers include benefits such as parental benefit, annuity, introduction benefits for newly arrived refugees and qualification benefits (from 2008).
Other tax-free transfers benefits such as childcare benefit to single parents, lump sum maternity grants, compensation for work injury, education benefit to single parents and received child support managed by public arrangement.
Negative transfers include paid child support managed by public arrangement, paid annuity and mandatory contribution to private pension plan.
Figures for service pensions etc in 2011 were corrected 30.3.2016.

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