Small game and roe deer hunting

07513: Felled roe deer (M) 2008-2009 - 2018-2019
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Terje Olav Rundtom, Statistics Norway
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Anne Bakke Skara, Statistics Norway
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Roe deer felled:
roe deer
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Roe deer felled:
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In the period 1984/1985-1992/1993, the figures were based on a sample survey. As from 1993/1994 a reporting form was sent to all hunters paying the hunting licence fee. Due to low return of reports in the years 1994/1995-1999/2000, comprehensive calculations have been necessary to give total estimates. As from the hunting year 2000/2001 hunters not reporting were fined and from then no figures are estimated.
Yield is estimated for municipalities with at least 25 small game felled. For grouse, yield is estimated for municipalities with at least 100 felled.
See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).

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