Income and wealth statistics for households

04765: Income account for residents (NOK million) (closed series) 1993 - 2007
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income account - residents
+ Net entrepreneurial income
Income from self-employment is in 2003 not comparable with previous years, due to revised routines and rules as a result of increased use of net registration. The agricultural deductions are deducted from the income of self-employed before registration in the tax return.
+ Alimonies
Revised rules for estimating received child maintenance were introduced 1 October 2003. From this date, received child maintenance will no longer be taxable income. The 2003 figure does not contain received child maintenance for the last three months of the year.
+ Other transfers
In 2003 this amount no longer includes training allowance or travel money for refugees.
+ Negative transfers
This amount contains paid child maintenance. Revised rules for estimating paid child maintenance were introduced 1 October 2003. From this date, paid maintenance can no longer be deducted from gross income. This may generate problems in respect to comparability to previous years.
+ Negative transfers
Negative transfers contains maintance and contribution to private and public pension schemes (jobrelated).

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