Hotels in Oslo hit hardest by the pandemic in August


After the number of guest nights becoming close to normal in June and July, there was yet another decline in August. It was still hotels who suffered the most, and this is particularly evident in the larger cities, where Oslo had the largest decrease in guest nights.

Figures from the accommodation statistics show there were approximately 3.5 million guest nights at commercial accommodation establishments in August this year, a 29 per cent decrease compared to August last year. Norwegian guest nights decreased by 1.8 per cent while foreign guest nights dropped by 70 per cent.

Restrictions to slow down the spread of the pandemic in August were particularly linked to travel from foreign countries, and since August is traditionally a holiday month in many European countries, which had these restrictions, this is evident in the figures from August. 

- Fewer guest nights from Germany, Netherlands, the US and Sweden were the largest contributors to the decline in guest nights in August, says advisor at Statistics Norway, Kristin Aasestad.

Figure 1. Total guest nights in August from selected countries

August 2019 August 2020
Germany 439288 264670
Netherlands 225579 67215
Finland 36988 37542
Sweden 135054 31850
USA 148934 13426

Hotels still affected

There was a decrease by 1.3 million guest nights at Norwegian hotels in August 2020 compared to August 2019. Almost one-third of the fewer guest nights at hotels were in Oslo.

Increase in Norwegian guest nights at camping sites persists

Norwegian guest nights at camping sites increased by 33 per cent in August this year compared to August 2019.

Response rate for August

Due to closed establishments and layoffs, the response rates for the previous months have been lower than usual. This month, the response rate is close to normal. The response rate for August 2020 was 94 per cent, compared to 96 per cent in August 2019.