Guest nights halved


Guest nights in November 2020 were more than halved compared to the same month the year before, after new restrictions were implemented in Norway. The hotels were particularly affected, as they had a decrease of guest nights by over 60 per cent.

Figures from the accommodation statistics show that there were approximately 860 000 guest nights at commercial accommodation establishments in November last year. Norwegian guest nights declined by 54 per cent, while foreign guest nights declined by 67 per cent. Norwegian guest nights at hotels declined by 60 per cent, and by 11 per cent at camping sites. At holiday dwellings and youth hostels guest nights increased by 16 per cent.

Restrictions to slow down the spread of the pandemic in November had increased, with a particularly focus on the number of people who could gather indoors and in groups. In addition, there were implemented quarantine hotels at entry to Norway.

- The decrease in guest nights are back to what we experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, says Kristin Aasestad, advisor at Statistics Norway.

Figure 1. Total guest nights. Change in per cent compared to the same month the year before

jun.19 jul.19 aug.19 sep.19 oct.19 nov.19 des.19 jan.20 feb.20 mar.20 apr.20 may.20 jun.20 jul.20 aug.20 sep.20 oct.20 nov.20
Change in per cent 2.3 4.5 5.2 4.2 9.4 7.1 10.8 9.3 13.0 -54.7 -84.2 -62.3 -45.1 -3.1 -29.2 -34.4 -32.6 -56.5

Sharp decline at hotels

There were 680 000 guest nights at Norwegian hotels in November 2020. This was 62 per cent lower compared to November 2019. In previous months last year, there were significant regional changes to where the pandemic affected the change in guest nights, but in November, there was a decline throughout the country.

Decline at camping sites in November

Camping sites have previously during the pandemic, meaning from March 2020 and onward, been less affected than the other establishments in terms of guest nights. In November, this was not the case, and both Norwegian as well as foreign guest nights declined by 11 and 35 per cent, respectively.

Recent figures from Eurostat

Eurostat have recently made an overview of important short term indicatiors and their development during the pandemic.

Quarantine hotels

In order to limit import infection, the Government introduced a quarantine hotel scheme on 5 November 2020, effective from 9 November 2020. All persons arriving in Norway had to undergo a 10 day quarantine, and if you did not own a home, you were directed to a quarantine hotel. For more information, see the governments’ webpage.

Any guest nights spent at quarantine hotels are not included in the accommodation statistics for the month of November, or any other months. This is in line with other European countries’ treatment of such hotels.