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166 000 working days lost Articles Labour market and earnings
17.7 years at school in Norway, 16.4 years in the OECD Indicators on education in the OECD Education
173 million gross tonnes in East Asia Articles Transport and tourism
2 377 000 households Articles Population
2 out of 3 farms rented agricultural land Articles Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
2020 estimates for oil investments marginally reduced Articles Energy and manufacturing
218 000 new voters are eligible to vote Articles Elections, Immigration and immigrants
230 km of the sewage system renewed Articles Nature and the environment, Public sector
24 billions inherited Articles Income and consumption
27 per cent with tertiary education in OECD Indicators on education in the OECD Education
29.5 billion of R&D performed Articles Technology and innovation, Establishments, enterprises and accounts
3 in 4 cabin stays are foreign guest nights Articles Transport and tourism
3.8 per cent fewer man-years in 2016 Articles Establishments, enterprises and accounts, Svalbard
30 per cent of immigrants have refugee background Articles Population, Immigration and immigrants
30 per cent of sentences served using electronic monitoring Articles Social conditions, welfare and crime, Immigration and immigrants