218 000 new voters are eligible to vote


A total of 4 025 950 persons are eligible to vote this year. This is an increase of 218 000 since the previous municipal and county elections. The biggest increase is among voters with an immigrant background. A total of 534 000 voters in this group are eligible to vote, which is an increase of 146 800. There is a slight predominance of women among the electors, but the largest increase is in the group men aged 67 to 79 years, with an increase of 48 600.

The majority of the voters are in the age groups 25-44 and 45-66 years. The largest increase compared to the election four years ago is in the age group 67-79 years. This now constitutes 13.3 per cent of the voters compared with 11.6 per cent four years ago. The Norwegian population has more men than women, but among the electors there is a slight predominance of women (about 5 000). Among voters over 67 years, women are in the majority, while there are more men among the voters below 67 years. There is a predominance of female voters in 137 of the 428 municipalities (32 per cent).

Figure 3

Figure 3. Municipal council and county council election. Persons entitled to vote by age. 2011 and 2015

Figure 4

Figure 4. Municipal council and county council election. Persons entitled to vote, by age and sex. 2015

The municipal council elections in Oslo have the largest number of voters, with 512 200. In comparison, 159 persons are eligible to vote in the least populated municipality of the country, Utsira.

Of the 533 031 persons with an immigrant background who are eligible to vote, 12.7 per cent have a background from the Nordic countries and 41.8 per cent from other European countries. A total of 29.6 per cent originate from Asia, 11 per cent from Africa, 2.1 per cent from North and Central America, while 2.7 per cent have a background from South America and 0.3 per cent originate from Oceania.

Figure 1

Figure 1. Persons entitled to vote, by immigration background, by county. 2015

Oslo still has the largest share of eligible voters with an immigrant background, with 27.9 per cent. The county of Nord-Trøndelag has the lowest, with 5.7 per cent.

3.3 per cent are first-time voters

A total of 131 000, or 3.3 per cent, of the eligible voters are first-time voters aged 18-19 years old. In addition, 20 municipalities are trying out a pilot scheme where 9 332 persons aged 16-17 years have the opportunity to vote. They are not included in the tables but included in the total share.

Figure 2

Figure 2. 130 642 first-time voters