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Title Series/nr Date Topic
Nursing and care services 2016: Statistics on services and recipients Health
Employment within the power supply industry and power related establishments in 2016 Labour market and earnings, Energy and manufacturing
Population projections 2016-2100: Main results Population
Lower voter turnout than Sweden and Denmark Elections, Immigration and immigrants
Young people who are not in employment or education Labour market and earnings
What do we know about immigrants who do not work, study or receive benefits? Labour market and earnings, Immigration and immigrants, Social conditions, welfare and crime
Surge in immigrant Conservative voters, but most vote Labour Elections, Immigration and immigrants
Large diversity in little Norway Population, Immigration and immigrants
The effects of more immigrants on public finances Public sector, Immigration and immigrants
Immigrants – what we know and don’t know Population, Immigration and immigrants
Early marriage – same background Population, Immigration and immigrants
More children, but fewer per woman Population, Immigration and immigrants
Immigrants in Norway, Sweden and Denmark Population, Immigration and immigrants
Education 2013: from kindergarten to doctorate Education
Statistical yearbook of Norway 1961 Population