Figure 1. 12-month rate, CPI and CPI-ATE. Per cent

Figure 2. Monthly change in per cent. CPI, CPI-ATE, CPI, by divisons. Per cent

Figure 3. 12-month rate. CPI, CPI-ATE, CPI by divisions. January 2023 - January 2024

In January, the threshold for triggering direct support per kilowatt-hour increased to 73 øre (excluding value-added tax) from 70 øre. The electricity support scheme is aimed at households, collective metering of consumption in housing companies, and farms. When the market price of electricity exceeds 73 øre/kWh, the government covers 90 percent of the price exceeding this level. The support is calculated on an hourly basis and provided for a monthly electricity consumption of up to 5000 kilowatt-hours.

From January to March, a lower standard rate for the electricity tax is introduced. From April throughout the year 2024, the standard rate applies. Both rates increase compared to the rates for the corresponding periods in 2023 ( The electricity tax is included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the calculation of the index for grid rental.

The weight shares in the CPI are updated in January each year on the basis of the national accounts figures for household final monetary consumption. The range of goods and services included in the CPI is also updated in January each year. An overview of consumption groups and weights in the CPI can be seen in Table 4 on the main page of the CPI.