Economic trends for Norway and abroad

Published Title Open
12 March 2021 Interest rate increases on the horizon Article
11 December 2020 Vaccination pushes up interest rates Article
11 September 2020 Better times in sight, but situation remains serious Article
5 June 2020 Deep economic crisis – but some bright spots in sight Article
24 April 2020 Abrupt standstill in the Norwegian economy Article
5 December 2019 Upturn in the Norwegian economy soon over Article
5 September 2019 Interest rate likely to have peaked Article
6 June 2019 Trade tensions reducing growth outlook for the Norwegian economy Article
7 March 2019 Upturn in Norwegian economy continues, but with clouds on the horizon Article
6 December 2018 Almost cyclically neutral Norwegian economy Article
6 September 2018 Economic boom in sight Article
7 June 2018 Economic upturn is fragile Article
8 March 2018 Norwegian economy boosted by increase in petroleum investment Article
30 November 2017 The moderate upturn continues Article
7 September 2017 Cyclical bottom has been reached, but recovery will be slow Article
8 June 2017 The start of a moderate upturn in the economy? Article
9 March 2017 Slightly brighter times ahead Article
1 December 2016 Two-year oil-driven downturn may come to an end Article
15 September 2016 Norway set for economic shift following oil industry slump Article
2 June 2016 Unemployment down slightly in 2017 Article