Cereals and oil seeds, area and yields

Updated: 21 February 2023

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Change in grain yields last 5 years
Change in grain yields last 5 years
2017 - 2022

About the statistics

The statistics give information about yield and area of cereals and oil seeds. Figures for latest year are preliminary.

Name: Cereals and oil seeds, area and yields
Topic: Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing

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Division for Housing, Property, Spatial and Agricultural Statistics

Preliminary figures at national level. Final figures at municipality level.


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Primary data is saved in files in the systems of the ordinary storing of data in Statistics Norway.

All deliveries of grain and oil seed for sale are registered when received at the corn mill. Information about delivered quantity and quality of the corn on each holding is extracted from this register. In combination with this information, information about area of the different crops is used from the yearly population of agricultural holdings.

The main users of the statistics are the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute, the Agricultural Budget Commission, the Norwegian Farmers Union, the Norwegian Smallholders Union etc.

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Statistics Act §§ 10.

Rådsforordning (EØF) 837/90

All deliveries of grain and oil seeds for sale are included in the register. Grain and oil seeds for own consumption are not included.

Preliminary figures: Total yield based on forecasts from The Norwegian Agricultural Purchasing and Market Co-operation. Area of grain and oil seeds is taken from the administrative records of everyone who applies for an agricultural production subsidy in Norway.

Final figures: Yields of grain and oil seeds based on the administrative records of the Norwegian Agricultural Authority on all deliveries for sale. Area of grain and oil seeds is taken from the yearly updated population of agricultural holdings established in Statistics Norway.

Data are checked with the previous submitted reports by various machine controls.

Although the registers involved are of fairly high quality, some coverage errors could occurs due to late updating and classification errors. The difference between preliminary figures and final figures are marginal on country level.

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Any statistics based on three respondents or less are not published.

All active holders in agriculture are included in the statistics based on the total population of agricultural businesses. The main source for this statistics is the register based on the holders applying for governmental production subsidies. For those who do not apply for governmental subsidies, information about use of area and domestic animals are picked up from various other administrative registers and surveys conducted by Statistics Norway. Information about agricultural area for the last year is based on the register for governmental subsidies only, and total yield is based on preliminary figures from The Norwegian Agricultural Purchasing and Market co-operation.