Registered hunters

Updated: 8 April 2022

Next update: 14 April 2023

Women in the Register of hunters
Women in the Register of hunters

About the statistics

The statistics give an overview of men and women registered in the official Norwegian Register of hunters, which entitles them to go hunting. The figures also show the number of hunters that paid the hunting licence fee and how many new hunters passed the hunting test last hunting year.


A person that has paid hunting tax for the hunting season.

Hunting test

All persons who are not listed on the Norwegian Register of Hunters must pass a hunting test before hunting in Norway. Persons living abroad need not take the test provided they satisfy the conditions for engaging in the same type of hunting in their home country.

Hunting licence fee (earlier called hunting tax)

Persons intending to hunt in Norway must pay a hunting license fee to the Wildlife Fund. The fee is for the full hunting year. Payment of the fee is a prerequisite for hunting, but does not confer the right to hunt in any specific area.

Hunting year

The hunting year starts on 1 April and ended on 31 March.

Persons age:

< 20 years, 20-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years, > 70 years

Name: Registered hunters
Topic: Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing

14 April 2023

Division for Housing, Property, Spatial and Agricultural Statistics

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Since 1998/1999, Statistics Norway has stored anonymous microdata annually.

The Register of Hunters is an administrative register owned by the The Norwegian Environment Agency. It was established in 1982. In 1999, the register was transferred to the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

Since 1998, Statistics Norway has received a almost complete register that contains Norwegians and foreign hunters. Statistics Norway has stored these registers annually.

Statistics Norway uses the register as a basis for the statistics on small game hunting.

Other users are The Norwegian Environment Agency, the Register of Hunters in Brønnøysund, central and local wildlife management, research and educational institutions, the media, interest groups and hunters.

No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on at 8 am. Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given inthe Statistics Release Calendar. This is one of Statistics Norway’s key principles for ensuring that all users are treated equally.

Hunters who pay the hunting licence fee must submit a report to Statistics Norway by 1 May on the report form provided. Statistics on small game and roe deer hunting are based on this report.

The Wildlife Act

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The statistics are based on data from the Register of Hunters. The register contains information on people who are qualified to hunt in Norway. The register also contains information on who has paid a hunting licence fee and who has passed the hunting test. The hunting licence fee gives permission to hunt in Norway.

Register of Hunters, the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

The hunting licence fee is paid to an account belonging to the The Norwegian Environment Agency. Information on each transaction is transferred to the Brønnøysund Register Centre every day.

Date of birth, address and place of residence of hunters living in Norway are updated with information from the National Population Register every day. Deceased persons are deleted from the register and new hunters are recorded when they pass the hunting test.

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See chapter 2.1.

The Register of Hunters is an administrative register and errors may occur during registration of people who buy a hunting licence fee.

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