Registered hunters

Updated: 14 April 2023

Next update: 12 April 2024

Women in the Register of hunters
Women in the Register of hunters
Norwegians listed in the Register of hunters
Norwegians listed in the Register of hunters
2022-2023Change, per cent
PersonsPer cent2021-2022 - 2022-20232018-2019 - 2022-2023
Persons listed in the Register of hunters537 375100.01.75.5
Males451 55384.01.23.6
Females85 82216.04.416.5
Persons buying hunting licence fee192 788100.0-1.3-4.9
Males173 68890.1-1.6-5.8
Females19 1009.91.93.4
Persons passed hunting test13 294100.010.23.6
Males9 45971.211.95.2
Females3 83528.86.210.1
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Selected tables and charts from this statistics

  • Hunters by county and sex
    Hunters by county and sex
    Registered personsPaid hunting taxPassed hunting test
    2014-2015473 092412 76860 324199 268184 11815 15013 57310 4083 165
    2015-2016482 988419 64463 344198 541182 67815 86313 89910 5233 376
    2016-2017493 228426 22567 003202 352185 50116 85112 8019 3723 429
    2017-2018501 851431 47570 376202 299184 57317 72611 9288 4443 484
    2018-2019509 570435 91973 651202 810184 34018 47012 8288 9933 835
    2019-2020516 108439 68776 421188 450171 23617 21411 7288 2943 434
    2020-2021520 763441 98578 778192 792174 70718 0859 6106 7232 887
    2021-2022528 408446 24282 166195 276176 53218 74412 0648 4523 612
    2022-2023537 375451 55385 822192 788173 68819 10013 2949 4593 835
    Viken103 18287 41115 77137 18133 8153 36634 5461 903731
    Oslo38 34131 4826 85911 35610 2111 1451 315978337
    Innlandet56 60445 65510 94922 77619 8822 8941 250796454
    Vestfold og Telemark38 45232 6575 79514 44613 1631 283861619242
    Agder34 74630 3234 42312 78811 868920879659220
    Rogaland30 96927 8043 1659 0358 513522824650174
    Vestland54 23547 1697 06619 59218 1231 4691 4691 087382
    Møre og Romsdal26 82723 2673 5609 8849 030854593450143
    Trøndelag - Trööndelage74 88160 84414 03728 33325 0003 3331 9361 261675
    Nordland - Nordlánnda34 18728 4235 76412 57111 1631 408752544208
    Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku37 84830 4977 35114 25712 4231 834711465246
    Nordmenn bosatt i utlandet5 9495 0648854564124411110
    Unspecified adress8487688015150000
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  • Hunters by age and sex
    Hunters by age and sex1
    Paid hunting taxPassed hunting test
    TotalMalesFemalesTotalOf these buying hunting licence fee
    Total192 788173 68819 10013 2944 519
    -20 years6 6505 4451 2054 734836
    20-29 years25 16020 7504 4103 9271 543
    30-39 years33 69229 2794 4132 3311 033
    40-49 years36 79632 9533 8431 329606
    50-59 years42 82639 2523 574781398
    60-69 years30 80629 4241 38217894
    70 years or older16 85816 585273149
    1Comprising Norwegian citizens
    The figures were corrected on 23.6.2022.
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  • Share of men and women 16 years and above that paid the hunting licence fee
    Share of men and women 16 years and above that paid the hunting licence fee
    Male hunters as per cent of male populationFemale hunters as per cent of female population
    The whole country7.80.9
    Vestfold og Telemark7.50.7
    Møre og Romsdal8.10.8
    Trøndelag - Trööndelage12.71.7
    Nordland - Nordlánnda11.01.4
    Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku12.11.9
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About the statistics

The statistics give an overview of men and women registered in the official Norwegian Register of hunters, which entitles them to go hunting. The figures also show the number of hunters that paid the hunting licence fee and how many new hunters passed the hunting test last hunting year.


A person that has paid hunting tax for the hunting season.

Hunting test

All persons who are not listed on the Norwegian Register of Hunters must pass a hunting test before hunting in Norway. Persons living abroad need not take the test provided they satisfy the conditions for engaging in the same type of hunting in their home country.

Hunting licence fee (earlier called hunting tax)

Persons intending to hunt in Norway must pay a hunting license fee to the Wildlife Fund. The fee is for the full hunting year. Payment of the fee is a prerequisite for hunting, but does not confer the right to hunt in any specific area.

Hunting year

The hunting year starts on 1 April and ended on 31 March.

Persons age:

< 20 years, 20-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years, > 70 years

Name: Registered hunters
Topic: Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing

12 April 2024

Division for Housing, Property, Spatial and Agricultural Statistics


Published annually approximately two weeks after the hunting year ends.

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Collected and revised data are stored securely by Statistics Norway in compliance with applicable legislation on data processing.

Statistics Norway can grant access to the source data (de-identified or anonymised microdata) on which the statistics are based, for researchers and public authorities for the purposes of preparing statistical results and analyses. Access can be granted upon application and subject to conditions. Refer to the details about this at Access to data from Statistics Norway.

The Register of Hunters is an administrative register owned by the The Norwegian Environment Agency. It was established in 1982. In 1999, the register was transferred to the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

Since 1998, Statistics Norway has received a almost complete register that contains Norwegians and foreign hunters. Statistics Norway has stored these registers annually.

Statistics Norway uses the register as a basis for the statistics on small game hunting.

Other users are The Norwegian Environment Agency, the Register of Hunters in Brønnøysund, central and local wildlife management, research and educational institutions, the media, interest groups and hunters.

No external users have access to statistics before they are released at 8 a.m. on after at least three months’ advance notice in the release calendar. This is one of the most important principles in Statistics Norway for ensuring the equal treatment of users.

Hunters who pay the hunting licence fee must submit a report to Statistics Norway by 1 May on the report form provided. Statistics on small game and roe deer hunting are based on this report.

The statistics are developed, produced and disseminated pursuant to Act no. 32 of 21 June 2019 relating to official statistics and Statistics Norway (the Statistics Act).

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The statistics are based on data from the Register of Hunters. The register contains information on people who are qualified to hunt in Norway. The register also contains information on who has paid a hunting licence fee and who has passed the hunting test. The hunting licence fee gives permission to hunt in Norway.

The hunting register is the data source and everyone registered in the register is the sample.

The hunting licence fee is paid to an account belonging to the The Norwegian Environment Agency. Information on each transaction is transferred to the Brønnøysund Register Centre every day.

Editing is defined here as checking, examining and amending data. Date of birth, address and place of residence of hunters living in Norway are updated with information from the National Population Register every day. Deceased persons are deleted from the register and new hunters are recorded when they pass the hunting test.

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Employees of Statistics Norway have a duty of confidentiality.

Statistics Norway does not publish figures if there is a risk of the respondent’s contribution being identified. This means that, as a general rule, figures are not published if fewer than three units form the basis of a cell in a table or if the contribution of one or two respondents constitutes a very large part of the cell total.

Statistics Norway can make exceptions to the general rule if deemed necessary to meet the requirements of the EEA agreement, if the respondent is a public authority, if the respondent has consented to this, or when the information disclosed is openly accessible to the public.

More information can be found on Statistics Norway’s website under Methods in official statistics, in the ‘Confidentiality’ section.

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The Register of Hunters is an administrative register and errors may occur during registration of people who buy a hunting licence fee.

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