Attachment to employment, education and welfare benefits
The statistics shows the population's attachment to employment, education and public welfare benefits
Completion rates of pupils in upper secondary education
Statistics follow an intake of pupils through a five/six-year period in upper secondary education.
Credits and graduations from higher education
The statistics on graduations and credits from higher education.
Educational attainment of the population
Statistics about the highest educational attainment of the population
Employees in kindergartens and schools
Statistics about employees in schools (from kindergarten to grade 13) and adult education.
Introduction programme for immigrants
Participants and previous participants in introduction programme for immigrants
Provides information about the status of kindergartens and employees in kindergartens.
Marks and national tests, lower secondary school
The statistics contain results from national tests as well as marks upon completion of compulsory education in Norway.
Norwegian for adult immigrants
The participation in Norwegian language training and social studies of adult immigrants.
Post-secondary vocational education
The statistics cover all students in post-secondary vocational education.
Pupils in primary and lower secondary school
The statistics provide information about the state of primary and lower secondary school.
Research personnel
Shows research and development (R&D) at universities and colleges, research institutes and health trusts.
Students in higher education
The statistics cover all students registrered in higher education per 1 October.
Upper secondary education
Gives number of pupils, apprentices, students and participants in upper secondary education.

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. Former participants in the Introduction Programme 2005-2019

    The introduction program for newly arrived foreign nationals is an integration policy measure that all Norwegian municipalities are obliged to offer newly arrived refugees and their family reunifications in accordance with the Introduction Act (Act of 4 July 2003 no. 80).

  2. Unaccompanied minor refugees 1996-2020. Demographics, education, employment, income and child welfare services.

    Unaccompanied minor refugees are children and young people who arrived in Norway before turning 18 without their parents or anyone with parental responsibility for them, and who applied for asylum and were granted residence in Norway on this basis.

  3. Test resultats and labour market status- Former participants in The introduction programme

    The main purpose of this report is to conduct a descriptive study of whether the Norwegian language test results have implications on labour market participation among former participants in the introduction programme.

Older analyses, articles and publications for subtopic immigration and immigrants; education.