Norway's population increases by 33 000
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Population1 January 2000



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Norway's population increases by 33 000

At the end of 1999 Norway had 4 478 500 residents. Its population grew by 33 000, or 0.7 per cent, in 1999. This is the biggest population increase registered since the first half of the 1950s and was fuelled by the large immigration surplus of 19 300 persons.

At the close of the year 38 per cent of Norway's residents were married, against 47 per cent on 1 January 1978. In 21 years the number of married persons has dropped by 212 000. Last year the decline stopped and reversed into a modest increase. Unmarried (never married) persons accounted for 48 per cent, and previously married (widows, widowers, separated and divorced) persons made up 14 per cent. Persons with another marital status registered, separated, divorced and surviving partners- accounted for 0.4 per cent of the population.

 Married men and women. 1971-2000

One in five persons under the age of 15

Twenty per cent of those living in Norway are under the age of 15. Rogaland is the county with the most persons in this age group, nearly 23 per cent. Next in line are Akershus and Vest-Agder, with 22 per cent. At 17 per cent Oslo has the fewest persons under 15.

Population by sex, age and marital status, 1 January 2000

Most elderly in Hedmark and Oppland

Nearly 14 per cent of the population of Norway are age 67 and up. At around 17 per cent, Hedmark and Oppland have the most elderly. Next are Telemark (16 per cent) and Sogn og Fjordane (15 per cent). These same counties have the most elderly persons in the 80 + age group, although Sogn og Fjordane have the most in terms of per cent.

With around 11.5 per cent, Akershus, Rogaland and Finnmark have the fewest people age 67 and up.

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