Here you will find weekly figures on the number of dead


The spread of coronavirus has increased the demand for more frequent publications of deaths in Norway. Every Tuesday at 8am the latest weekly death statistics will be published here. It should be noted that these figures are preliminary and refer to all deaths, not only those related to coronavirus.

Follow this link to StatBank Norway to see the most recent death statistics.

The figures reveal the total number of deaths for the entire country, broken down by gender and 1-year age groups. The figures are considered preliminary as there is a certain lag between the date of death and the date at which it is recorded in our system. This means that figures for previous weeks will also be updated with each new publication.

Statistics Norway collects the figures from the National Registry. Due to the backlog, each new publication applies to deaths from two weeks prior. For example, in week 17 we will publish figures for week 15. By then, approximately 65 percent of all deaths will have been registered. The following week, about 85 percent of the deaths will have been registered. These proportions will tend to vary during times of vacation or national holidays.

Statistics Norway does not have an overview of how many deaths are related to the coronavirus and Covid-19. The cause of death register is held at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Comparing to previous years

While the proportion of people who die each year has been falling steadily for decades, approximately 40,000 people die each year in Norway. However, there is seasonal variation within these figures. For example, there is a significant rise in deaths during winter, as compared to summer.

Statistics Norway has extracted weekly figures back to the year 2000 in order to provide a sufficient basis from which to compare 2020 and the unique position we find ourselves in currently. The StatBank therefore makes it possible to compare against a range of recent years, though it is important to note that the figures are not standardised/adjusted for the population (i.e. are not per capita).

Downloading Excel files

In the StatBank it is also possible to download the chosen statistics into Excel files, once you have created the table you want. To do this, press the highlighted "xlxs" button shown in the image below:


Tip: Use the arrow buttons to rotate the table view before downloading the Excel file. This enables you to get the layout you require before downloading.

Visualising the number of deaths per week

This visualisation shows the number of deaths by week 2010-2020. The figures for 2020 are highlighted in red. You can choose gender and/or 10-year age groups in the tick boxes.

The visualisation works best on larger screens, click here for full screen version.