Continuously increasing surplus of males
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Population1 January 2013



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Continuously increasing surplus of males

2 535 900 males and 2 515 400 females were registered as residents of Norway as per 1 January 2013. Therefore there were 20 500 more males than females, and this surplus was almost twice as high as the year before. In 2010 the surplus of males was 1 400.

Population, by age. Per 1. January
2013Change in per cent
2012 - 20132008 - 20132003 - 2013
The age-group "80-89 years" was changed to "80 years and over" 11th March 2013 at 15:50 pm. No change in the figures.
Total5 051 2751.36.611.0
0 years60 5300.13.28.8
1-5 years314 4840.87.55.5
6-12 years426 5090.4-1.0-2.1
13-15 years190 264-
16-19 years261 6660.83.721.3
20-44 years1 728 0681.46.98.1
45-66 years1 396 5421.38.719.8
67-79 years451 6274.314.312.9
80 years and over221 5850.01.48.1
Population, by age. 1. January 1900-2013

From January 2012 to January 2013 the number of males increased by 37 000 while the number of females increased by 28 400. From 1975 the sex distribution has changed, from a surplus of females of 25 000, or one per cent, to the present surplus of males. The age composition in the population has also changed significantly over time.

100 years ago Norway had half the population of today. At that time 396 000 were children under the age of seven. Today there are 437 000 children under the age of seven, that is an increase of only 41 000. 100 years ago these children constituted 16 per cent of the population, whereas today it is 8.5 per cent. Simultaneously, at that time there were 161 000 people over the age of 66. That number is today 673 000, which is an increase of more than half a million. 100 years ago people over the age of 66 constituted 6.5 per cent of the population, today the share is twice as high.

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