Excess of males increased in 2011
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Population1 January 2012



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Excess of males increased in 2011

2 498 900 males and 2 487 000 females were resident in Norway at the turn of the year. There were 11 900 more males than females, an increased excess of males from the previous year.

Development in population. 1735-2012

While the excess of males came close to 12 000 at the turn of the year, it was 1 400 the previous year. The distribution in sex has changed from the time the fourth million was reached and until the fifth million will be reached in March this year. There was an excess of females of slightly more than 25 000, or 1 per cent, in Norway in 1975.

Statistics Norway has calculated that Norway will reach a population of 5 millions on Monday, March 19. Population in Norway reached the first million in 1822, the second in 1890, the third in 1942 and the fourth in 1975.

Relatively fewer children under 6 years and more elderly since we passed 4 millions

The age composition in the population has changed significantly. For instance, when the population reached 4 millions in 1975, children under 6 years of age constituted 9.5 per cent of the population, whereas they now represent 7.5 per cent. Simultaneously, the oldest ones, 80 years and over, have increased in percentage from only 2.4 in 1975 to 4.4 per cent now. The increase of the oldest corresponds to the decrease of children under the age of 6.

Figures for the changes in the last quarter of 2011, as well as for the year 2011 as a whole and marriages and divorces , have also been published. More details about citizenship and marital status will be published on 14 March. More details about marriages and divorces will be published 23 August.


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