4 920 300 resident at the turn of the year
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Population1 January 2011



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4 920 300 resident at the turn of the year

Population increase of 62 100 during the year 2010 to 4 920 300 residents.

Population by age. 1 January 1900-2011. Per cent

During the last 100 years the number of residents has doubled, with an increase from 2.39 million in 1911 to the present 4.92 million in 2011. Children under 13 years of age constituted 30 per cent of the population 100 years ago, whilst constituting only 16 per cent of the population at the turn of the year. Correspondingly, 100 years ago persons aged 67 years made up only 6 per cent of the population, while they now constitute 13 per cent.

Persons aged 80 years and over reached 4.5 per cent of the total population at the turn of the year, while the proportion of the oldest ones, 90 years and over, was 0.8 per cent of the population.

High population increase during the last five years

The population increase in Norway has been particularly high in recent years. The last five years’ population increased by 280 000, more than twice the increase of the five years 2001-2005, although the years 2001-2005 also saw a high population increase. The high population increase is due to an increasingly higher migration surplus.

Figures for the changes in the last quarter of 2010, as well as for the year 2010 as a whole, have also been published. More details about citizenship and marital status will be published on 10 March. See also http://www.ssb.no/english/subjects/02/02/folkendrkv_en/ and http://www.ssb.no/english/subjects/02/02/30/ekteskap_en/ .

Population increase in municipalities. 1 January 2006-1 January 2011. Per cent


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