Turnover has picked up with the end of Covid-19 lockdowns that were imposed in 2020. Turnover amounted to NOK 3.8 billion. Transportation and storage, with 692 million NOK, contributed most the turnover. However, with 142.2 per cent, Education had the highest increase from 2020.

Figure 1. Turnover by industry. NOK million

Slight increase in total man-years worked

The number of man-years worked In the industry statistics for Svalbard, 1 687 hours corresponds to a full-time equivalent. The definition of a full-time equivalent is based on the total number of hours worked by employees in a workplace, both within and outside normal working hours. Short breaks are included, but time spent in transit between home and the workplace is not included. went up from 2020 by 4.9 per cent, which constitutes 72 man-years worked. The greatest growth was in Accommodation, food service, with 22.8 per cent.

Figure 2. Number of man-years by industry

Strong growth in investment continues

Investment in Svalbard grew substantially in 2020, and the growth continued in 2021. Total investment rose 51.1 per cent from 2020. There was considerable investment in housing in Svalbard in 2021, resulting in Real estate activities having the greatest investment growth, with about 190 million NOK. Manufacturing, Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, Water supply; sewage, waste management and remediation activities, also have had considerable increase in recent years. Investments are made in an environmental station, which is to be constructed in 2020-2022.

Almost twofold increase in turnover from coal sales

Store Norske Spitsbergen Grubekompani AS is a Norwegian, state-owned coal mining enterprise that has operated since 1916. had 93 million NOK in turnover in 2021, which was 45 million NOK more than in the previous year. The increase resulted from high coal prices, in addition to the rise in coal sales from 75 000 to 111 000 tonnes in the same period. All coal is now produced in Gruve 7. Considerable coal was sold to Europe, where it is used in manufacturing. Most was sold to Germany, which bought 62 000 tonnes in 2021, and 42 000 in 2020, which represents an increase of 47 per cent. In 2021, Store Norske sold coal to The Netherlands also. They sold 17 000 tonnes, which is a turnover of NOK 24.5 million NOK.