Foreign assets and liabilities


Accounting statistics, non-financial enterprises foreign financing
Shows Norwegian non-financial enterprises’ assets and liabilities abroad
Cash flows between Norway and abroad
Shows Norwegian cross border payments made via Norwegian banks
Foreign direct investment
Gives an overview of direct investment to and from Norway
International accounts
Supplies information on residents' economic transactions with non-residents
International reserves and foreign currency liquidity
The final/preliminary figures for international reserves and foreign currency liquidity
Norwegian Subsidiaries Abroad
Provides a total overview of the Norwegian-controlled enterprises’ economic activity abroad
Portfolio investment abroad
The statistics show country allocated stocks of equities and debt securities

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. Highly profitable year for direct investors

    The positions of foreign direct investment in Norway and Norwegian foreign direct investment modestly increased from 2020 to 2021. On the other hand, there was a sharp increase of income in 2021, for both foreign direct investment in Norway and Norwegian foreign direct investment.

  2. High distributed earnings in a difficult year

    2020 was a year with high negative reinvested earnings for both foreign enterprises in Norway and Norwegian enterprises abroad, even though distributed earnings decreased from 2019. The main reason was low annual results both in Norway and abroad.

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