Increase in completed vocational examinations
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Increase in completed vocational examinations

Nearly 19 300 candidates completed vocational examinations in the 2006/07 school year. This is an increase of 700 from the previous year.

Among the candidates who sat for vocational examinations there were about 12 900 apprentices, 5 900 practice candidates and 500 pupils who have completed vocational examination training in school. More than nine out of ten candidates passed.

Most candidates in engineering and mechanical trades

In the 2006/07 school year, almost 4 500 candidates sat for vocational examinations in engineering and mechanical trades. 96 per cent passed. Candidates in chemical and processing trades had the best result, with 98 per cent of the 160 candidates passing the examination.

8 per cent are immigrants in upper secondary education

There were about 230 000 pupils, apprentices and trainees in upper secondary education as of 1 October 2007. Almost 18 900 were immigrants, about 13 000 being first generation immigrants and 5 800 persons born in Norway to foreign-born parents. 91 per cent of the Norwegian 16-18 years olds were registered as a pupil, an apprentice or a trainee in upper secondary education autumn 2007. The corresponding proportion among those with an immigrant background was 77 per cent.